Tread Lightly! Announces New Website Launch

Tread Lightly!, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and enhancing…
January 18, 2018/by Jerrica Archibald

Safe Winter Wheeling

Smart Four Wheeling in the Snow By Tom Severin, 4x4 Coach and…
January 3, 2018/by Jerrica Archibald

Usher in 2018 with New Membership Benefits

The New Year is the perfect time start anew with membership benefits…
December 22, 2017/by Jerrica Archibald

Respect and Protect Native American Heritage

In the early 90’s the month of November was deemed ‘Native…
November 15, 2017/by Jerrica Archibald

Fly Safely, Fly Responsibly, Tread Lightly!

Recreational drones have taken the country by storm as the popular…
June 1, 2017/by scotty

Don’t get left in the cold.

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to pull out the…
June 1, 2017/by scotty

Hunting season is upon us!

Hunting season is upon us, the weather is cooler and the leaves…
June 1, 2017/by scotty

Tread Lightly’s! Board of Directors Announces Management Reorganization

Tread Lightly’s! Board of Directors Announces Management Reorganization Casey…
February 3, 2017/by scotty

Tread Lightly! Completes 25 Partner-Funded Restoration for Recreation Projects across Nation

SALT LAKE CITY, August 16, 2016 – To celebrate its 25th anniversary,…
August 16, 2016/by scotty

Doce Pit shooting area Cleanup

STATUS: COMPLETED More than 20 volunteers attended this public cleanup day at the popular Dosie Pit public shooting area.
May 11, 2016/by scotty

Ride On Research

May 5, 2016/by scotty

Tread Lightly! & Partners’ Complete Third Moab Restoration Project During Easter Jeep Safari

MOAB (March 23, 2016)--In an effort to proactively protect access…
March 23, 2016/by scotty