Tread Trainer


The Tread Trainer program is designed to train participants in innovative, practical methods of spreading outdoor ethics to the public with a curriculum specifically focused on motorized and mechanized recreation. Once a participant becomes active in the Tread Trainer program, he or she is equipped to present the Tread Lightly! message to other educators, clubs, employees, visitors, enthusiasts or community members.

The Program – How It Works

The program design is a simple and straightforward training model intended to empower and support Tread Trainers worldwide. Through a variety of formats, Tread Lightly! provides professional training on the Tread Lightly! principles of responsible outdoor recreation, also known as the TREAD principles.  Individuals trained by Tread Lightly! are qualified as Tread Trainers or Master Tread Trainers. All participants in the Tread Trainer programs will have the ability to present Tread Lightly!’s educational programs to groups or individuals in any outdoor setting or other appropriate venues throughout the country.

The concept of this program is founded on the theory of training 10 individuals, to teach 10 more each, to exponentially reach the millions of outdoor recreation enthusiasts enjoying the out of doors every year.  Based on this idea, hundreds of thousands of people have learned about Tread Lightly!’s ethic (or principles) — each with the potential for taking on the responsibility of reaching out to others in their respective communities.

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Opportunity for Involvement

Opportunities to participate in this program are open to all that are interested.  For more information on scheduling a training course, click here.

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