RIDE ON Designated Routes in Nevada is a new statewide campaign that has united land management agencies to educate outdoor recreationists who use motorized vehicles on Nevada’s public lands in accordance with TMR.

The campaign, created by Tread Lightly!, unites the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Nevada Commission of Off-Highway Vehicles together in an effort to spread a consistent message throughout the state.

Campaign Materials

The following materials are available to help integrate the RIDE ON Nevada campaign into OHV activities and in outreach opportunities. To order materials, check out our online store. 

Print Public Service Announcements

RIDE ON Nevada Dirt Bike 1 - 8

These beautiful PSAs have be customized for Nevada and offer a variety of messages. Download them for free.

 At-A-Glance Guidelines HangtagHangtags

This 3 x 5 plastic reference card displays the TREAD principles that focus on responsible recreational OHV practices can be added to various products, included in product materials, or distributed with new purchases.  Order

11×17 RIDE ON Poster

RIDE ON Nevada ATV Hunter Desert - 11x17

Simple poster with an impactful message.  Perfect for a community board or store front window to raise awareness to issues facing OHV activities in Nevada.  Order


 Stewardship in Nevada

Upcoming Events

More events coming soon!


Educational Posters

The Educational Posters Program provides customized posters for placement on existing kiosks to land managers, clubs and individuals at no cost to the agencies. More than 3,000 posters have been distributed across the nation!  Although this program has ended, beautiful high-quality posters can still be customized and purchased through our store. 

Thomas Bickauskas - AZ - Table Mesa Recreation Area Shooting 24 x 20 PROOF V2

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