Accomplishments Since Official Launch

PSAs for Print, Internet and Radio

  • 29 total full-page print PSAs available for download or on a free CD
  • Nearly $800,000 of ad space has been donated to date
  • Total circulation of more than 14,000,000
  • New half, third, quarter and poser (11×17) page sizes of all PSAs are available
  • 5 Web banners are now available
  • 2 radio PSAs – one of which is in bot English and Spanish
  • Implemented social marketing plan and have banners placed on websites of conservation organizations as well as forums and blogs
  • Continuous outreach for editorial coverage through press releases and pro-bono placement of print PSAs and Web banners
  • Can customize the Respected Access logo and PSAs to resonate locally while maintaining a national consistency in messaging
  • Educational posters feature customizable QR codes, a simple-to-use medium that can link recreationists to their local MVUM or responsible recreation tips on


  • To keep raising awareness of the movement, we will continue attending events from national conventions to hunting and shooting sports expos or stakeholder meetings
  • In 2012, we expanded outreach to regional sportsmen’s expos and began developing a multi-level relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, including but not limited to collaboration on volunteer stewardship projects and incorporation of the Tread Lightly! message being part of the curriculum required to obtain the BSA’s Outdoor Ethics award

Educational Materials

  • Co-branded Tread Lightly!’s series of responsible recreation tips including, but not limited to, tips promoting responsible shooting sports, hunting and hunting with an ATV or UTV/ROHV
  • Series currently consists of 22 brochures – more than 1 million have been printed for distribution
  • All brochures available for free download from the website or sale in our online store


Quadratec Cares Stewardship Grants

  • Tread Lightly! has awarded 42¬†grants in 17 states

Educational Posters for Kiosks and Information Offices

  • The Respected Access campaign was conceived based on research conducted by Responsive Management in 2008, commissioned by the Hunting and Shooting Sports Roundtable
  • Summer of 2010, Tread Lightly!, in partnership with the National Wild Turkey Federation, executed a pilot research project conducted by Dr. Melissa Weddell on the Enoree Ranger District, Sumter National Forest, South Carolina
  • A site-specific learning laboratory – in 2012, more than 6,000 outdoor enthusiasts throughout the state of Utah were contacted by social scientists as a pre-evaluation on the effectiveness of Tread Lightly!’s ethics messaging
  • The effects of our messages will be evaluated through two stakeholder groups – public land managers and outdoor enthusiasts/recreationists
  • Concerted education and communications efforts with agency partners are planned through 2017
  • A post-evaluation will be conducted in 3-5 years and adjustments to messaging and strategies will be made according to the findings
  • Education and outreach implementation plans can be adapted for other states, regions or site specific areas

Official Partners

U.S. Forest Service, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Bureau of Land Management, Yamaha, Dallas Safari Club, Boone and Crockett Club, National Wild Turkey Federation

Official Partners
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