Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly

New Year, New Adventures! 2017 Bucket List

By Aubrey Lee



Winter can be a challenging time to feel motivated to get outdoors. Snowshoeing is a great way to get out to your favorite spot or even discover a new one. It provides an avenue to see the outdoors in a new light while the world is covered, quiet and beautiful. Snowshoes are easy to use, convenient and surprisingly cheap, especially to rent. Many local Universities or outdoor recreation shops have day or weekend rentals available.

Winter in the Desert

The desert is known for it’s hot, sometimes unpleasant summers, but the desert can be a beautiful place when it’s covered in snow. Several places throughout the Southwest region are a real treat to see during the less chaotic winter. One of these places includes The Grand Canyon, although the Northern Rim is closed during winter months, the Southern Rim is open. When you come prepared, you can camp in some of the most beautiful and isolated places within the Grand Canyon. Other areas worth visiting in the winter are Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah or Mesa Verde, Colorado. Be sure to check for road conditions, hours of operations and the best ways to respect access while in these areas.

Put a Spring in your Step

One unique way to have a new adventure this year is to start a treasure hunt. Geocaching is a stupendous treasure hunt for all ages. Geocaching is a never ending scavenger hunt that can be played anywhere. All you need to Geocache is a smart phone to download the app and the desire to adventure. The app will give you a location to find a treasure hidden at different difficulty levels around your community or new places you’ve never been. Geocaching is a perfect way to get those stubborn gamers out of the house for a new experience. Check out Tread Lightly!’s tip for responsible Geocaching.

Join a Team

Spring is the perfect time to let your inner child run free. A new way to do this is join a community sports team. Joining a softball, volleyball or soccer team can be a great way to stay active, meet new people and have fun. Get a team of coworkers together or join solo and discover how quickly your new teammates become your friends. Even if you feel your sport skills are lacking, don’t let that hold you back, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can pick it up. Take the leap and get involved. You will be pleasantly surprised.

New Swimming Spot

As the summer heat beams down on us heading to the congested community pool can be a drag. For 2017, find a new spot and make a whole day of it! Swimming holes can be a marvelous way to cool down without the crowd. The scenery and hike to your new summer chill spot is half the fun. Find a local blog with a list of swimming holes that are open to the public in your area and take the hike in! Bring your picnic gear, pack some drinks and load up the car with your water-ready friends! Always bring a trash bag to pack out all your trash.

Utah National Parks Roadtrip

Utah is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful and unique landscapes. In a week you can explore 5 different National Parks full of red rocks, slot canyons and arches. These five parks include: Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Each one with their own distinct hikes, camping, biking routes, rafting, walking and exploring. Their beauty is breathtaking and unlike anything else in the world. Towns along the way are full of upbeat locals, shops and outdoor adventures making it easy to find a new thrill for 2017.

Highway One Road Trip

As fall starts, a Highway One road trip is an exciting and scenic way to spend time together. Highway One winds through the wide variety of coasts that makes California a premium West Coast destination. Highway One is superb for camping along the ocean, seeing city sites and enjoying hikes in diverse landscapes. You can explore everything from Los Angeles, all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It’s the perfect road trip for a family, individual or couple.

Experience Fall Through a New Perspective

The crisp fall air is the ideal time to get out and enjoy the beautiful leaves. Get your paints out and revel in the reds, violets and oranges of the new season. Push yourself to get creative and try a new medium such as colored pencils or watercolors. The East Coast is an excellent place to find your creative side. Take the journey through scenic Route 3 from Vermont into New Hampshire. Stop and enjoy a gorgeous tramway ride up Cannon Mountain. No matter where or how you bask in fall’s glory, remember to respect access to private land.

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