Tread Trainer Resources

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Options Include:   Powerpoint Presentations     Logos     Tread Lightly! Background Materials     PDFs of Tip Brochures     Videos

Lightfoot Mascot:


Nothing captures attention like a giant squirrel. Tread Trainers can request the Lightfoot costume at no charge (except one-way shipping).  Click Here to request Lightfoot.


Outreach Kit:


Use the Tread Lightly! table-top display at your next event or as a backdrop for a presentation.  Rent it by filling out the request form.


Education Trunk:


The trunk (really a duffle bag) is loaded with lesson plans and all the props necessary for fun interactive programs for children and adults.  Rent it by filling out the request form.


Quick Tip Brochures:

Tread Lightly! has a series of quick-tip brochures that address 16 types of recreation. These are ideal handouts on the trail, at a booth, in an info center or at the end of a presentation. Get them free (just pay shipping) by filling out a request form on Tread Lightly!’s website.

Public Service Announcements:

Tread Lightly!’s public service announcements were designed to educate and motivate a broad range of targeted recreationists. But we need Trainers’ assistance to get them into media outlets. Contact Tread Lightly! to get your local newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations to run these important messages.

Youth Outreach Kit:

To help you teach kids to Tread Lightly!, download the Youth Outreach Kit. The kit includes coloring pages, pledge cards and web banners.

Banner Ads:

Does your company, club, agency or family have a website? Consider posting one of Tread Lightly!’s banner ads to help spread an important message online. The banners also work great as part of an email or forum signature.


Check out Tread Lightly!’s videos and our YouTube channel to see a variety of different videos including PSA spots, ETHIC: Educational Tools For Hunters: Improving Choices, and Wyoming’s ATV Safety and Ethics video.

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