Regional Volunteer Coordinators


The Tread Lightly! Regional Volunteer Coordinator Program is designed to assist interested Tread Trainers with their local efforts to promote the Tread Lightly! ethic. By creating a network of coordinators, Tread Lightly! hopes to better meet the needs of requests for presentations and promotions at a grassroots level. These active individuals will be a great benefit to Tread Lightly! and the Tread Trainer program because they will help coordinate outreach, education and training in their respective regions or states.

The Regional Volunteer Coordinator position is based loosely on an existing model created by our federal agency partners. In that model, Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service have developed a network of state and/or regional Tread Lightly! coordinators to help promote our message within the agency. Tread Lightly! Volunteer Coordinators, volunteers themselves, will help coordinate Tread Lightly! efforts in their area, provide guidance and support for other Tread Trainers, act as a liaison with Tread Lightly! staff and report on regional Tread Lightly! efforts annually.


  • Communicate with area trainers about upcoming events and presentation opportunities
  • Schedule Tread Lightly! volunteer trainers when possible
  • Communicate with event planners, area residents and others who inquire about Tread Lightly! Programming
  • Report to Tread Lightly! staff regarding outreach efforts and needs with in area


  • Not only advocate Tread Lightly! and its message but demonstrate it through your behavior in recreational settings
  • Basic understanding of Tread Lightly! the organization and the outdoor ethics message. Individuals trained as Master Tread Trainers or Tread Trainers preferred
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Self starter, willing to take position on as a volunteer
  • Capable of reporting to Tread Lightly! on a regularly scheduled basis
To Apply:

Download application: Click Here
To email application: Click Here
To fax application: 1- (801) 990-9807

To mail application send to:

Tread Lightly!
Attn: Tread Trainer
500 N. Marketplace Dr.
Suite 240
Centerville, UT 84014.

If have questions regarding this position or you are unable to download application please contact via email or by phone call 801-627-0077.

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