Tread Lightly! Videos

“RIDE ON” Educational Videos

RIDE ON Video:  Travel on Designated Routes

RIDE ON Video:  Respect the Rights of Others

RIDE ON Video:  Educate Yourself

RIDE ON Video:  Avoid Sensitive Areas

RIDE ON Video:  Do Your Part

Jeep Tips and Techniques: 1 Minute How-To Videos


 Watch this before you drive off-road!  Responsible Off-Pavement Recreation


Off-Road Tips and Techniques: How to Rock Crawl


Off-Road Tips and Techniques:  How to Drive on Gravel Roads


Off-Road Tips and Techniques:  Traversing Hills


Off-Road Tips and Techniques:  Take it Easy


Off Road Tips and Techniques: If You Run Into Mud on the Trail


Off Road Tips and Techniques:  Preparation Before You Go


Hunting With An OHV: 8 “Dilemma” Videos


Hunting on Private Land: An Educational Video


Finding Litter When Hunting


Hunting With An ATV: What NOT To Do


Hunting with a Snowmobile


Hunting on Private Lands: What NOT To Do


Should ATVs Be Driven in the Wetlands?


Addressing ATV Conflict


Camping When Hunting: What NOT To Do


Don’t Let Your Access Disappear!

On the Right Trail

This 7-minute video gives excellent principles and tips for off-roading, especially for motorcycling/dirt biking and ATV riding.


Become a Member of Tread Lightly!

The original Tread Lightly! public service announcement


What Tread Lightly! is All About

This is a great interview with Tread Lightly!’s executive director, Lori McCullogh, describing what Tread Lightly! is all about and some basic tips to minimize your impact in the great outdoors.


ATV Safety and Ethics Video

This 30 minute video was produced by the State of Wyoming, but is an excellent video to use in ANY state.  It creatively covers everything there is to know about ATV safety and ethics.



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