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Tread Lightly! White Window Decal (4×5)

Become a true Tread Lightly! supporter by tagging your vehicle or window with this quality decal. Decal measures 4 x 5 inches and features the Tread Lightly! thumbprint. A must-have for any Tread Lightly! friend, member or trainer. White printing on clear background. Also makes a great hand-out.

Price: $2.50

Tread Lightly! White Die Cut Window Decal (3x7)

Increase the re-sale value and coolness factor of your vehicle with this white die cut vinyl decal. Measures 7 inches wide by 3 inches tall. A must-have for any Tread Lightly! friend, member or trainer. Also makes a great hand-out.

Price: $2.00

Respected Access Bumper Sticker

The message is simple: "respected" access leads to open access. Help us spread this important message through the Respected Access Campaign Bumper Sticker. This high quality decal is 3x11.5 and will look great on your truck, ATV, helmet, gun case, trailhead bulletin board or anywhere!

Price: $2.50

Metallic Tread Lightly! WIndow Decals; Choose Your Favorite Activity!

Show your passion for both recreation and the environment with this beautiful Tread Lightly! decal. Each decal has a transparent background with a silver metallic design and measures 4.5 x 3. Printed backwards for application on the inside of a window.

Price: $1.50
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25th Anniversary Decal

A decal 25 years in the making! Featuring the popular 25th anniversary logo. Get yours now before they're gone. Measures 3" x 4". Free shipping!

Price: $0.50

Small Tread Lightly! Decal (1 x 3)

This small white Tread Lightly! decal is perfect to throw on water bottles, binders, helmets, laptops, or rear windows for a subtle, classy way to spread the message. Also make excellent handouts. Measures 1" x 3". White logo on clear background.

Price: $0.50