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Tread Lightly!, in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Forest Service, has established a model public/private partnership of diverse stakeholders under the Respected Access is Open Access campaign. 

The Respected Access is Open Access in Arizona campaign is a full-fledged, systematic and persuasive stewardship initiative to motivate positive behavior changes in the public to have a stronger sense of ownership and appreciation of shared and respected access to public and private lands. The campaigns overarching goal –  provide solutions to help balance outdoor recreation with resource conservation to enhance access and opportunities for the public to enjoy recreational shooting in a safe and responsible manner.

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Campaign Materials

The following materials are available to help integrate the Respected Access is Open Access campaign into shooting sports activities and in outreach opportunities. To order materials, email this form to

Print Public Service Announcements

13 Impression Will Last a Lifetime AZThese beautiful PSAs have be customized for Arizona and offer a variety of messages. Download them for free.

Responsible Recreation Tip Brochures for Shooting Sports

Arizona shooting_tips_FINAL 3-13-2014_Page_1

An essential resource for anyone new to recreational shooting.  These brochures contain the core principles of being a responsible shooter and includes information on proper backstops, picking up trigger trash, and leaving a good impression as a recreational shooter.  Order

 At-A-Glance Guidelines HangtagHangtags

This 3 x 5 plastic reference card displays the TREAD principles that focus on responsible recreational shooting practices can be added to various products, included in product materials, or distributed with new purchases.  Order

11×17 Respected Access is Open Access in Arizona Poster

5 End Trigger Trash Mountain AZSimple poster with an impactful message.  Perfect for a community board or store front window to raise awareness to issues facing recreational shooting in Arizona.  Order

Vertical Banner

ShootingOur_banner (1)

2’x5′ banners provide maximum impact in a minimal amount of space.  A great investment and easily incorporated into your store layout. Banners available are:  “End Trigger Trash” and “It’s like Shooting Ourselves in the Foot.”  Order

 Counter Top Display

Tabletop_Arizona _final

Distribute Tips for Responsible Recreation at your check out or product counter.  Actively educate your customers on responsible shooting practices to protect opportunities.  Order

Outdoor Billboards Trigger_billboard

These powerful billboards billboards can bring this important message to thousands per day. Learn more.


Stewardship in Arizona

Upcoming Events

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June 2, 2015:  ‘Respected Access is Open Access in Arizona’ Outdoor Ethics Campaign Gains Traction

April 29, 2015:  Volunteers Put Forth ‘Monumental’ Effort

March 4, 2015:  Table Mesa Cleanup Draws Hundreds of Responsible Outdoor Enthusiasts

February 19, 2015:  Campaign Seeking to Ensure Recreational Shooting Access to Public Lands Gains Support in Arizona

February 5, 2015:  Target Practice in the Desert North of the Valley Causing Trigger Trash

November 18, 2014:  Group urges responsibility in busiest month for recreational shooting

February 4, 2015: Arizona Game and Fish Department takes action against trigger trash

Oct 28, 2014: Outdoor Ethics Campaign Seeks to Ensure Recreational Shooting Access to Public Lands 

Educational Posters

The Educational Posters Program provides customized posters for placement on existing kiosks to land managers, clubs and individuals at no cost to the agencies. More than 3,000 posters have been distributed across the nation – 165 in Arizona alone!  Although this program has ended, beautiful high-quality posters can still be customized and purchased through our store

Thomas Bickauskas - AZ - Table Mesa Recreation Area Shooting 24 x 20 PROOF V2

WHHCC Letters of Support

This collaboration between Tread Lightly! and Arizona is backed by letters of support from members of the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council (WHHCC).

Letter of Support from the Arizona Game and Fish Department 

Letter of Support from the WHHCC for the Sonoran Pilot Project

Letter of Support from the Tonto National Forest Supervisor 

Letter of Support from the WHHCC


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