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The media plays a crucial part in spreading Tread Lightly!’s educational message. Without support from our media members, our message could not reach past the sound of our voices.

MAGAZINES: Join us in our efforts and become a Tread Lightly! Media Member by promoting Tread Lightly! through editorial support and public service announcements. This is an annual commitment to run a minimum of 1½ pages of Tread Lightly! PSAs, editorial, or news coverage. Monetary contributions in addition to (or in lieu of) in-kind contributions are welcome. In-kind contributions such as this help Tread Lightly! reach millions of people.

WEBSITES: Become an Online Media Member of Tread Lightly! and help us spread our vital message to millions. Online Members must simply have some type of “outdoor ethics” section on their site that mentions Tread Lightly! or carries one of our web banner PSAs. Content for an ethics section can be provided upon request.

BROADCAST: Contact Tread Lightly! for more information on becoming a radio or television Media Member.

Tangible Benefits
  • Tread Lightly! Media Member status and eligibility for use of the Official Logo in mastheads and other promotional materials (upon approval).
  • Listed in Tread Lightly!’s Annual Report.
  • Mention in Tread Lightly!’s Trails newsletter.
  • A copy of Tread Lightly!’s Trails bi-annual newsletter.
  • Link to your website.
Intangible Benefits
  • An “insurance policy” against future regulation (by demonstrating commitment to responsible recreation).
  • An opportunity to point to responsible behavior, a set of guidelines to follow in business and an arena to demonstrate corporate social responsibilities.
  • A conduit to land management agencies, end users, schools and others.
  • Opportunities for involvement in proactive projects which help improve land and water quality and educate consumers.


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