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In an age when outdoor recreation is the sport of choice, it is everyone’s responsibility to exercise responsible outdoor practices. Tread Lightly! is a non-profit educational program whose sole purpose is to educate all types of outdoor enthusiasts on how to respect and conserve our natural resources. As a Tread Lightly! member, you will help to ensure a future of recreational opportunities for all to enjoy.

Individual Memberships

Tread Lightly! provides a way for individuals to express their concern and commitment toward responsible use of outdoor recreation resources. They take an active roll in preserving the great outdoors for future generations by helping build a positive public image for outdoor enthusiasts.

Club Memberships

Tread Lightly! provides a way for clubs to express their concern for the deterioration of recreational opportunities. Clubs and Associations play a critical role in spreading the Tread Lightly! message, empowering generations to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Club members assist in disseminating Tread Lightly!’s message, principles and educational materials to peers and others while at the same time building enthusiasm for the program. Tread Lightly! offers two types of club memberships: Member Club and Official Partner Club.

Small Business and Organization Memberships

Small business and organization members help fund educational materials that build enthusiasm for the Tread Lightly! program. Small businesses, such as retailers, outfitters, dealers, and others create a positive influence on the way consumers think of off-highway or backcountry sports and the way they use their products. They are the first to influence consumers with outdoor ethics which helps the consumer feel better about their purchase knowing they can enjoy off-highway recreation while minimizing impact on the environment. Organizations, such as Boy Scout Troops, non-profits, and others play a significant role in the spread of Tread Lightly! education.

Corporation Memberships

Many corporations find it good business to support Tread Lightly!. Often, Tread Lightly! is all that stands between them and decreased opportunities for consumers to enjoy their products. That’s not to discount the many intangible benefits of corporate good citizenship such as improved community, government and employee relations. However, one of the most significant benefits comes from the legitimacy derived by clearly demonstrating sincerity and commitment toward Tread Lightly! principles.Tread Lightly! relies primarily on major contributing members for financing. Financial contributions from these companies and organizations are in proportion to their sales and the importance of Tread Lightly!’s mission to their own objectives. These unrestricted funds are relied on for the continuity and cumulative effect of Tread Lightly!’s on-going basic education and awareness programs.

Media Memberships

MAGAZINES: Join us in our efforts and become a Tread Lightly! Media member by promoting Tread Lightly! through editorial support and public service announcements. This is an annual commitment to run a minimum of 1½ pages of Tread Lightly! PSAs or news coverage. Monetary contributions in addition to (or in lieu of) in-kind contributions are welcome. In-kind contributions such as this help Tread Lightly! reach millions of people. WEBSITES: Become an Online Media Member of Tread Lightly! and help us spread our vital message to millions. Online Members must simply have some type of “outdoor ethics” section on their site that mentions Tread Lightly! or carries one of our web banner PSAs. Content for an ethics section can be provided upon request. BROADCAST: Contact Tread Lightly! for more information on becoming a radio or television Media Member.

Government Memberships

Land and water management agencies receive support for initiatives in a variety of ways when working with Tread Lightly!. These include: support for educational initiatives through educational materials developed by Tread Lightly!, potential assistance with the maintenance of public natural resources by money disbursements and hands-on maintenance projects, and assistance with the agency’s missions by acting as an information conduit to industry and end users.  Read the MOUs we have with multiple federal agencies.  And check out the Top 10 Ways to Utilize Tread Lightly!.

Alliance Memberships

At Tread Lightly!, we believe that to effectively create a society of responsible recreationists, there needs to be unity among conservation organizations. Tread Lightly! offers not-for-profit organizations an opportunity to collaborate forces by becoming an Alliance member of Tread Lightly!. This type of relationship brings continuity by providing both organizations a more reputable image and a stronger approach in accomplishing our mission and respective goals. There is no annual fee associated with joining as an Alliance. We find the value of our Alliance members is the relationship itself. It is only through a unified, collaborative effort that we may hope to move the needle in a more positive direction.

Please note: Memberships are considered a charitable donation and are non-refundable once membership packets have been mailed out. 

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