About Us

About Us

Casey Snider, Tread Lightly!’s Chief Operating Officer. Casey grew up farming in his hometown of Liberty, UT.  He received his  undergraduate degree from the Quinney College of Natural Resources at Utah State University and has a Masters in Environmental Policy from Johns Hopkins University.  He has extensive experience in both the nonprofit and federal government sectors.  When he is not out hunting or fishing he resides in Paradise, Utah with his wife and daughter.
Email: Casey@treadlightly.org


Evan Robins, Tread Lightly!’s Education and Stewardship Manager, works to expand in-the-field education by facilitating Tread Trainer courses, maintaining visibility for Tread Lightly! through outreach events, and supporting Tread Lightly!’s nationally recognized  programs. With a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, Evan understands the effectiveness of using communication to reinforce high ethical standards for all outdoor enthusiasts. He is an avid fly fisherman and bow hunter and brings a lifetime of outdoor experience to the team. Evan is proud to use his love of the outdoors to better educate others about responsible recreation, while supporting Tread Lightly! and its mission.
Email: Evan@treadlightly.org


Danielle L. Fowles, Tread Lightly!’s Education and Training Programs Manager, manages Tread Trainer – Tread Lightly!’s volunteer training and national outreach program. Danielle’s main responsibilities include coordinating courses and educational outreach with recreation groups and expanding Tread Lightly!’s presence at national events in addition to developing relationships with state, federal and private partners. Formerly the Grassroots and Legislative Affairs Coordinator for a national member-based motorized association, Danielle has recruited, trained, mobilized and overseen advocates to influence motorized recreation related issues. A graduate from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in political science, she has worked with numerous volunteers at the local, state and national levels. Danielle enjoys shooting, hunting, horseback riding, and all forms of land and water-based motorized recreation.
Email: Danielle@treadlightly.org

Tracey HackworthTread Lightly!’s Office Administrator, has 15 years’ experience in office management and customer service. Tracey spent 7 years at Tread Lightly! before leaving to spend more time with her family. Tracey re-joined our team full-time in 2016. She is passionate about helping mold people to become positive stewards on the environment. Tracey wants to help individuals become empowered within their own communities to grow and develop ethical community surroundings.
Email: tracey@treadlightly.org

Brian HigginsTread Lightly!’s Marketing and Communications Manager, uses multi media and innovative techniques to tell Tread Lightly!’s story to a wide and varied audience. Creating community through creative communication. Originally from Northern Ireland, Brian brings his worldly experience from many industries and melds it with his passion for outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyles.
Email: Brian@treadlightly.org

Jerrica ArchibaldTread Lightly!’s Communications Manager. With a Bachelor of Science degree in  Communications/Journalism, Jerrica focuses on creating new communication materials, strengthening communications to all stakeholders and disseminating information through traditional and new media strategies.
Email: Jerrica@treadlightly.org

Mindie Walkoviak, Tread Lightly’s Grants Program Manager, works to develop funding strategies, projects and improve processes to ensure Tread Lightly’s development is in line with it’s mission to keep access open for outdoor recreationists. She has over 15 years experience in accounting and holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Utah.  Mindie spends much of her free time enjoying the Wasatch with her 3 children and dog.
Email: Mindiew@treadlightly.org

Mandy Craft, Tread Lightly!’s Membership Manager, has an extensive background in customer service which serves to help to grow and maintain Tread Lightly!’s member relationships. Mandy helps promote the Tread Lightly! mission by working directly with our dedicated members. When she’s not working, she enjoys camping, hiking, and motorized recreation.
Email: Mandy@treadlightly.org
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